I have climbed few mountains, mostly hiking. Some of them included rock climbing and ice climbing as part of the summit attempt (in the mountains in Nepal, Peru and Bolivia). I find it hard to give reasons for my interest in mountaineering, but certainly while on the mountains, I do feel a sense of ‘freedom’ – the natural state of human being (?).

The mountains I have climbed so far: Aconcagua (Argentina, 6962 metres), Kilimanjaro (Tanzania, 5892 metres), Meera peak (Nepal, 6476 metres), Huayana Potosi (Bolivia, 6088 metres), Mt Rwenzori (Uganda, 5109 metres), Jebel Toubkal (Morocco, 4167 metres), Ras Deshen (Ethiopia, 4620 metres), Mulhacen (Spain, 3482 metres), Vallunaraju (Peru, 5686 metres), Chopicalqui (Peru, 6345 metres), Yanapaccha (Peru, 5460 metres), Everest base camp (Nepal, 5545metres), Island peak (Nepal, 6189metres).

I have uploaded some of the pictures of my Nepal, Venezuela and Argentina trips on google picasaweb albums.


Adventure sports
Sometimes, I do let go the fear. I highly recommend downhill cycling in Bolivia on ‘The Worlds Most Dangerous Road’ ( downhill cycling starting from 4600metres dropping to 1500metres over 64kms); I can’t swim to this day, yet I braved white water rafting in Blue Nile, Uganda, the boat flipped twice on some of those grade 4 and 5 rapids. I remember vividly when I felt my life is over when I was under the water and the waves kept pushing me below the surface, but here I am, living still! There are some activities, which almost everyone who goes to Victoria falls in Zambia do – Gorge Swing (jumping off the edge of the cliff attached and free falling for 173.8 feet before being swung out into the middle of the gorge), imagine the pull of the harness on those crucial parts of your body!



    • Indu on May 27, 2020 at 11:12 pm

    Hi Bala

    Wow wow wow

    It’s been almost a while 10 years and here I am discovering your blog! We met during our EBC Trek innNepal!

    Just wanted to ping you and check if u get this message !

    Hope you are safe during these COVID days !

    I am now in the US in CLT, NC

    Do send me an e mail at

    Thanks and hope to connect and catch up!

    Kudos on your blog and wow 😳 your story and courage and recovery after your brutal accident it’s inspiring!

    Best always and be safe


      • bala on May 28, 2020 at 12:36 am

      Hello Indu,

      Thanks for reaching out. It is great to hear from you. I am working from home these days, but all is good. I will email you directly.

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